Engaging Millennials & Gen Z London
Elizabeth is a leading expert in the field of training on generational differences in the workplace. She has a specialist focus on motivating millennial & gen-z employees.
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Engaging Millennials & Gen Z

On average, millennials stay within a given role for three years, this creates

staff turnover problems at businesses that leads to economic and productivity loss.


It also severely dampens the workplace culture.


Dr Elizabeth Michelle offers solutions to this problem, that will save your business both time and money.

This is a tricky topic, but something Elizabeth is expert at!


Whilst working extensively with some of the most difficult, and well-balanced, Millennials and Gen Z’s,

Elizabeth has developed a unique box of skills.


She is currently writing her book about this but has an array of tools that can be taken directly to your workplace.


Elizabeth is not only available for speaking about this relevant topic, but also consults for particular companies regarding how to heighten engagement, performance and retention.

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