Read testimonials from past employee engagement clients, from a range of Elizabeth's services including; professional speaking, workshops & counselling.
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Dr Elizabeth Michelle takes pride in client satisfaction and delivering real results for the businesses she works with.


See what some of our customers have to say…


“Elizabeth was an excellent and informative speaker.


She challenged thinking and was one of the most popular sessions with the hedge fund audience over our two day conference and I would definitely book her again”


Sam Dale, Head of Event Content, Pageant Media

“Elizabeth entertained us online with an hours worth of content on inter-generational working that was

educational, informative and interactive.

Thank you Elizabeth for your time and effort and for allowing us

to ‘drop’ you in to different breakout rooms to interact directly with our client base

which was very much appreciated.

The feedback from the event has been excellent with all of our diverse audience taking something positive away.

Comments such as ‘This has been a revelation’, ‘Fascinating’, ‘Enjoyable’, ‘Hugely informative’

Sums the evening up nicely. “


“Elizabeth recently facilitated a session on Intergenerational working at our Divisional Conference. She is a highly engaging presenter who was able to read her audience and ensure that the session was thought provoking and relevant.


Her ability to sustain the energy in the room over a 2 hour session was very impressive. The combination of her extensive research and knowledge of the subject with the ability to use real life experiences ensured that our teams felt that they had genuinely learned something that could be immediately used in their businesses.


We have had nothing but extremely positive feedback about Elizabeth and are looking forward to working with her again soon.”


“Mental health is often neglected at startups – not because people aren’t sympathetic, but because it’s a difficult subject to confront within a company. There isn’t a clear playbook.


Elizabeth helped normalise the conversation for the team at Papercup and shared really helpful frameworks to spot and deal with mental health issues, particularly around stress and anxiety.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and hope to have more sessions on the topic led by Elizabeth!”

Buyer, ASOS

The presentation was clear and informative throughout, focusing on all different aspects of working with different age groups and positives and challenges within this. The feedback from buyers involved has been very positive with many finding the information and tools useful for working alongside their teams going forward.


Would have been good to dedicate a whole afternoon to the subject as 45minutes went very quickly and felt like there was still a lot more explore. Liz was extremely helpful and engaging throughout the presentation and kindly offered up her email address afterwards for follow ups which some buyers took her up on.


Would hugely recommend as a key learning and development tool for anyone managing or working in a team with varying ages and experiences.

Elizabeth delivered a perfect balance of theory, facts and personal experience in a smart and very engaging way. 
Our passionate and bright group of Millennials now have a much better understanding of their generation, the teams they manage and the people that lead them. I have confidence everyone took something valuable away, whether that be practical tips or anecdotes (which I’m sure they’ll be repeating)… I’ve rarely seen them so engaged or asking so many questions!!

“After a full career in the Services being “taught” this sort of subject, I was very impressed with how quickly Elizabeth gained the undivided and supportive attention of her very mixed training audience, and got a significant message across in a short period of time. Very impressive, and with immediate worthwhile results too.”


Hi Elizabeth,


Thank you so much for your talk. I really don’t say this as a platitude but of the perhaps hundreds of speakers I’ve arranged over the years, I’ve rarely seen someone so engaging and down to earth. Such accessible material made so interactive throughout. It was a pleasure hearing your content and delivery.


Feedback has been really positive too. Quite a few participants said it was most relevant talk they’d heard. Once again, thank you so much for your time and beyond that – for getting this series off to a flying start 🙏


“Elizabeth Michelle recently facilitated a 2 hour session for our area managers and senior leaders.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and within a few days I have already had numerous conversations about how line managers are flexing their approach.


The session was research based, engaging and humorous.  Elizabeth is a credible expert who is great at story telling and bringing the research to life.  I would highly recommend this session for any line manager who is leading multi generational teams.”


“Elizabeth has played a fundamental role in helping us engage our staff. Together we established ‘Express Labs’. This is a forum where staff gather once per month and hear a keynote or discussion from Elizabeth. This way of investing in our team’s education has paid back by way of higher engagement, increased levels of retention and has helped us to attract great people.


Her expertise is in many areas of human behaviour, and has particularly helped our management team understand the challenges and benefits that ‘Millennials’ bring to our dynamic workforce. Elizabeth is certainly wise beyond her years, is an absolute pleasure to work with and challenges outdated current thinking about how to motivate an ever changing workforce. Her engaging and charming manner is infectious.


Elizabeth has also sat on both group and one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions with members of our team. Their feedback is that these sessions are invaluable in helping them become more effective and productive in their roles. I could not recommend Elizabeth more highly.”


“the session was really interesting. I was genuinely shocked at some of the generational differences we had in the room… Had never really thought about it before!”

“I thought that your subject provides a good topic as ‘everyone talks about millennials’ but few have any structured and tangible understanding and insights. Even fewer have formal strategies for embracing, managing and developing millennials effectively. It is a rich and interesting topic that everyone can contribute to and I thought that you engaged with and pulled everyone into the meeting really well.”

“Just excellent”

“Really enjoyed your workshop, the format worked very well.”


“Hi Elizabeth I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your working with people session ,I could listen to you all day long , I wish the session was longer you certainly hypnotised me. I thought it was good how you explained and demonstrated how a group of people could be so different, I have worked here for almost 13 years now and have worked with a lot of different characters, I’ve experienced a lot of different situations and continue to do so ,you have given me food for thought when I’m with a collegue, training ,chatting or otherwise I will look for the best approach and hope I get it right 😊 . I look forward to the next session!  Thank you”


“Having worked with Mrs Elizabeth Feigin for many years and watched her in action, I can say with certainty that she has a remarkable ability to relate to millennials, to connect with them, to teach and to share ideas with them, to relate to them and for them to feel that they can relate to her. She has an open, non-judgemental and inclusive style to her work. Combined with all the above qualities, she has wisdom, depth, insight, self-awareness and self-knowledge based upon both academic research, and her own experience with personal interactions and many years in education. If you are interested in self-growth and engagement, I highly recommend this educator.”