Workplace Consulting Services | Private Counselling Services London
Elizabeth offers a range of workplace consulting & private counselling services in London and across the country. All services are perfect for both business & personal use.
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What we do

Professional Speaker & Workshops

Elizabeth designs and presents bespoke key-notes and workshops – all of which are  interactive, engaging, informative and stimulating. Some of the favourite topics at the moment include engaging Millennials and Gen Z, resilience in the workplace (especially since Covid-19) and maximising communication. As a Psychologist Elizabeth is trained to get to the root of what it is you need, and bridge that gap effectively.

Professional Speaking

Understanding Generational Differences

Elizabeth knows that your business is diverse; encompassing generational, racial, sexual and gender differences. Employee diversity has been empirically proven to strengthen organisations if managed correctly. Elizabeth can help you find the right strategy and engagement tools, so you can embrace the differences and increase productivity, innovation and quality across ALL generations (Yes! Even the young ones!).

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Engaging Millenials

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Elizabeth has worked with adults and adolescents extensively surrounding cognitive, behavioural, social and emotional struggles. She has had significant experience working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma and social skills development. In the current climate Elizabeth offers sessions interactively and offers focused CBT sessions. For further information please visit my Therapy page.

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Psychologist & Psychotherapist