Female Motivational Speaker for Business | Workplace Training Speaker
Elizabeth is a London based female motivational speaker perfect for businesses. Her talks focus on how you can optimise performance at the workplace.
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Workshops & Professional Speaking

Dr Elizabeth Michelle is an experienced, dynamic and engaging speaker.

She engages audiences of all backgrounds and abilities, and never fails to

relate the topic at hand to her diverse and unique range of workplace experience.

As a qualified teacher, Elizabeth has a way of explaining concepts that is clear and exciting, and as a Doctor of Psychology you can be sure that all that is said is well-researched and substantiated.


Working in prison, rehabs, psychiatric hospitals, schools and general counselling,

Elizabeth has an ongoing stream of interesting topics to share!


Elizabeth is still working as a speaker interactively during the current Covid-19 situation.


Some of her most popular speaking topics are:

On millennials, by millennials


Following her research around what keeps millennials in a job, and what pushes them away, Elizabeth runs a funny and interactive workshop summarising her findings. Everyone has a bit of a giggle discussing those *#*! millennials!



Let’s face it, we all have hiccups at work sometimes. The question is not how hard we fall, but how we get back up. Contrary to popular belief, resilience can be taught. It has been researched psychologically for decades, and it is about time the corporate world knew more!



How we communicate at work is at the heart of how those around us perform. This is especially true for managers, whilst so many managers are skilled in meeting targets, they have no clue how to speak to someone in a way that optimises their potential, engages them and makes them want to stay and impress you! This can also be taught. After engaging some of the toughest people across the country, Elizabeth shares some of the skills she has developed.

Elizabeth’s areas of expertise are diverse and broad, making it impossible to list all speaking topics. She works in a bespoke way and is available for discussion regarding if she can meet the requirements you need.

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